Weekly Fantasy Football is an entertaining event that brings the best part of Fantasy Football to your favorite bar or restaurant each week...the draft!

How many times to do you wish you could start from scratch with a brand new fantasy football roster? Wouldn’t you like to hang out with your buddies again in the draft room and steal their favorite players away? Uh-oh, your start running back just had a season-ending knee injury…no worries – next week you can start over.

Fantasy football enthusiasts typically have to wait a whole year to get the chance to draft their teams again. Once a year is too long! Now Challenge Entertainment can bring the most exciting part of fantasy football to your favorite bar each week.

We’ll lead the crowd pick-by-pick in a draft and keep things entertaining and fun. You will be hooked on seeing how your roster develops and watching games in the upcoming week to see how you fared. Then we invite you back next week to pick up your prizes if your team was tough enough to get the win.

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