Scavenger Hunt is an entertaining event that is fun and unpredictable, and will keep you coming back every week to see what happens.

The game is loosely based on the format of our ever-popular Live Trivia¬†game. However, knowledge isn’t what you need, because creative minds and what is in your purse, pocket, backpack, or vehicle is in play. So everyone has an equal opportunity to win!

Teams will be asked to produce random items, demonstrate specific skills, and participate in group activities for the reward of predetermined points assigned by the host. The host will keep things moving, making sure everyone is having a good time. Creativity will be rewarded, which can lead to some memorable moments and great photo opportunities. That will translate into priceless social media opportunities. Search for ticket stubs, paperback books, Pez dispensers, and sock monkeys…or pose like a romance novel cover photo…or see who has the best Vanilla Ice moves.

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